Friday, April 4, 2014

Its Damn Friday

Oh my friends… today is one of those days.

I was holding off writing this morning to wait and see if my disposition, attitude and tolerance level improved as the morning progressed. Didn’t happen. This is one of those days I would love to unleash the inner monster and just punch everyone in the mouth that irritated me. But then everyone I encountered today would be walking around missing teeth.

I know rain is coming because my knee is aching. I also know that spring is really trying to work its way into 2014 because my head is clogged and the snot factory inside of it is working overtime. I have blown my nose at least 20 times already, I have sneezed half that much and I feel like a bobble head. Even my boss said my eyes look like they were puffy. Great… so I feel like crap and apparently look like crap. 
Lovely Lovely

Say hello to my little friend…..pseudo ephedrine… oh how I love thee… even though I have to show my drivers license, blood type and donor card to the pharmacist to even get some… it is the only thing that will dry up my head and make this time of year barely tolerable. By the way…. Thank you to all the meth addicts that made it almost impossible to get this stuff without handing over my first born and savings account. Every time I walk up to the counter and tell them what I want I get the stink eye once over by some pharmacy med student or assistant checking me out to see if I might be one of THOSE PEOPLE that will red flag in the data base. At those times I want to do the redneck manly thing and just blow a big ol green snot rocket on the counter and say “SEE???? I really do need it.” Buttheads.

But today is not the day for anyone to give me the stink eye… as soon as I get my medicine  I am headed east… to the land of negative ions, salt air and the sound of the ocean. Tomorrow I will wake up and breathe the morning cool air… have a cup of coffee on the deck and all will be right with the world again. …as long as it doesn’t rain all day.

Put me on the prayer list... just for the rest of today...

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