Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Pinterest World and My Reality

I do love me some Pinterest.

Really … I really really really do.

I love all the pictures of places I will never go, the witty sarcastic phrases I can never think of, all the food that I will never prepare and all the cool clothes that I will never fit into. There are shoes that I would give anything to own but would never actually walk in, makeup and hair that I have no time or money to invest in and let’s not forget all the wonderful crafts and home decor I am not nearly talented enough to try.
But you would never know any of this looking at all my boards! According to my Pinterest world I am the be all and end all of everything cool, trendy and beautiful.

My husband, bless his heart, is bad for dragging up something he found on the side of the road during his travels. For example, one day several years ago he comes home with a small shopping cart. He picked it off the side of the road in a ditch. We already have a wheelbarrow so what the hell was he going to do with it?? Said the kids would have fun with it. Um…. No. First of all the wheels on that thing do not roll on grass, gravel or dirt. Secondly, I don’t want anyone driving by and thinking we stole a damn shopping cart! Another example is the seat of a booth he brought home one day that was free on the side of the road. A vinyl high back double sided booth now sits outside the barn… behind the tractor… The cat likes it. That must be who he picked it up for…surely he knew better than to think it was on my list of must haves. Just the other day he made himself a wind chime out of aluminum bud light bottles… thank goodness it hangs under the barn where the average passer by cannot see it.  The list of items that have been accumulated is long and a bit eccentric and every season I get to add something to the pile of questionable acquisitions under the barn. If I had more time I could go on Pinterest and figure out what to do with all the eccentric conversation pieces that are scattered all around!

Sometimes it bothers me that my home is less than immaculate and more prone to areas of clutter and mess. But I would much rather my kids enjoy their childhood and remember playing, having fun and being outside as much as possible. Their well being and happiness is what matters. I do have my pet peeves but mostly don’t worry about things too much as long as we don’t appear to be slack ass trashy hoarding hobos to the rest of the world.

I do have to draw the line somewhere! 

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