Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great People vs. Me

Quote for toady –

“ Never say you don’t have time… you have the same amount of hours in a day that DaVinci, Michelangelo and Mother Theresa had ”

Ok – I really like this quote and I think of it several times a day. And here is how my mind rationalizes these words….While I can appreciate the accomplishments of these people and other great humans of the past many thousands of years I have a few points to make:

1-    I work - therefore 8-9 hours of my day are focused on something other than my own world those hours are focused on someone else’s world. 
   - Thank GOD for Benjamin Franklin and Daylight Savings time to make me feel like I have a bit more time to try to be productive. That doesn't mean I am... it only means I feel like I have an additional hour to try.

2-    I have two children… and a husband… a home… financial obligations… church commitments… and at times- stressful extended family issues that affect all of us and push us to the point we want to throw up our hands and say the hell with all of you crazy people – see ya!

3-    We can barely find the time to mow the grass and mop the floors – let alone accomplish even the smallest of great things

4-    We have put our children and their childhood FIRST. It is more important for us to spend time enjoying them and playing outside and inside, taking them to the beach as much as possible and making their childhood something they can look back on with a smile knowing they had the best.

So while I have the same hours in a day that the greatest people in the world have… my priorities are different and closer to home. My goal is to raise and create the finest human beings I can and let them change the world…

Besides… When my alarm goes off at 530AM and I set it again that night at 11PM, the hours in between fly by and it is all I can do to stop and smell the fresh air and enjoy the fact that spring is finally here… the days are longer… the sun is warm and life is good. I have to make myself take those minutes… because life is short my friends… and you MUST take that time for yourself and your sanity. Look at the world with new eyes and appreciate the beauty God has given us… even if all you have time to do is notice the blooming Bradford pear trees as you drive by and think about life renewing itself once again.

Never mind that they stink like 3 day old fish. 

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  1. Well said my friend! (They do stink and I will censor myself right now with what they smell like to me....)


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