Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

For those that know me, and those that don’t, y’all all know my mother passed away a few weeks ago. This was my first holiday without her and of course it was flipping Mothers Day. Well there is one thing in my favor, holidays aren’t such a big deal on my side of the family so I don’t think, other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will feel the pang of the loss of my mom on those days. The days I will feel it are the normal days when I have a few minutes or I make the time to call her and vent, bitch, complain or just talk to her about this and that. Trust me when I say that there will be many more normal days that I will miss her than holidays.

My mom was a Christian, a non- church going catholic to be more specific. She always had her rosary and her holy statues around the house. She would throw a catholic rule at you in a skinny minute. This was the same woman that shacked up and “lived in sin” for 20 years. She couldn't say shit to me when I did it .. that was some kind of funny.  She always had a deep spiritual side. A few years ago after my grandmother died she decided to go see the medium John Edward when he came to Raleigh. When we discussed it prior to the event I told her not to be surprised when her mother plowed her way to the front of the spirit line and wanted to talk to her. Sure enough… John singled out my mom –because of my granny. I forget what all was said but it was significant enough that she was a firm believer from then on.

Well guess what… Ol John Edward is coming back to Raleigh after several years and the love of her life and I are going. Tickets bought… paid extra for the one on one time too. We have some questions for her. And we would like some answers. We may go and he not even single us out… But I feel like if she is on the other side with granny… those other people in the room don’t stand a chance.

The only thing I think she will call me out on is where I put her ashes… well I was afraid in my house of clutter that inconspicuous cardboard box could easily get tossed as trash… so out of dire need of something decent to put her ashes in I found a sassy cookie jar that has a Velcro picture frame on the front. You can change the frame to other things for seasonal events. It is mainly for newlyweds but this time it is for her.
I have found a potter in California that will design the container I want but I won’t get it right away. In the mean time she is in this sassy cookie jar (I think she would like it) on the shelf … with our two dogs. I am sure she is not happy being on the shelf in the place of honor between those two dogs. But damn.. the last thing I want to happen is that damn jar break and ashes go everywhere… Oh My God… Makes me woozy just to think about it. Ill get that pretty jar with a lid and I hope it arrives before we go to see Mr. Edward.

So come this July we will go see if ol girl has anything to tell us… I don’t doubt she (and my granny) will take over and everyone will just have to wait patiently till they are through. I apologize in advance to John Edward and anyone that is going to be there. If you knew my mom (Queenie) and her mother (Martha) you would know they will bulldoze their way through. That is how they roll…I don’t think the afterlife will change that. 

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