Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Discovery of Jack Bauer

I have just discovered Jack Bauer.
And I could just pinch him. 

I started watching this new season – 24 Live Another Day and I ended up obsessively watching it until I was completely caught up and current. I go home at lunch and watch an episode. I stay up later than everyone else and watch an episode.
And me being the kind of person that reads all the books in a series in the correct order; I now have to go back and watch 8 seasons of this damn show- 192 episodes, or I will go completely insane wondering how he got to where he is with this new series.

But when I told Miller about it this was what he said:

Me – We have to watch all the episodes of 24 – 8 seasons – 192 shows… from the beginning.
Miller – Why
Me – Because I discovered Jack Bauer and I just love him
Miller – He is too short for you
Me – He doesn’t know that
Miller – You just love him cause he is a “lost boy”
Me – Oh my I am sure that is part of it… my first vampire crush…
Miller – Yeah… Jamie Gertz was hot
Me – Whatever (eye roll) …where is the remote? We have to get started…
192- 43 minute episodes should only take us the rest of this year.
Miller – you know that show comes on Monday night… I’m not giving up Monday night football
Me – Like I would give up Monday night football! That is why God invented the DVR.
Thank God also for Amazon Prime… all seasons … free (not really but sort of)… on my TV, Nook, computer and even my phone. So…it is ON now!

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