Monday, June 16, 2014

Since I've Been Gone....

Today is Monday if you didn't realize it I am here to slap it to ya… yep… its Monday and I have a few things cover since I have been gone….
1 - We spent a lovely 4 days at the beach for our son’s 5th birthday. The ocean was so rough the first day we couldn't even get in it and as we are guarding the 5 year old from going too far out (his knees is too far out by the way) the waves beat us to death and we go back to the house like war refugees. The next day it was even worse and the poor kids didn't even need any scolding about the water… they sat on the edge of the waves and sand.
I never have to worry about getting too much sun that is for sure… I think the maximum stay for everyone (not me) is about 2 hours and they are ready to do something else. I obsessively lather my kids in sunscreen so thank God they have never experienced a real sunburn. And I usually only half way protect myself and on many occasions ended up with the zebra stripe on my leg where I missed a whole line with the sunscreen. I did good this time though, no zebra stripes.

We have a kiddie pool for our son and fill it up for him to play in after we get back from the beach. For some reason he thinks that is the place where he rinses himself off and inevitably ends up naked while playing in his little pool. He could care less who is around. Knowing this is designated “naked time” we try to position the pool so we can limit his exposure to neighbors. But when we aren't watching his every move he is liable to jump on his tricycle and peddle to the dock and back. I think it is a little boy thing… a couple of years ago we had neighbors with young boys all under the age of 8 and they thought the return from the beach was naked time too. One of their sons about 5 years old was fascinated that he had body parts that would fit through the knit on a hammock. Swinging, dangling and giggling at himself.

2- I love my deck… I love the tree that completely covers my deck. I hate that the damn tree sheds like a hairy dog in the summertime and there are leaves everywhere. We came home from the beach and my deck was covered in dried leaves. The plants were half dead and apparently I need to figure out what to do with the dry cat food because we now have a fly problem. I spent a small fortune on deck furniture…and I am NOT going to sit there and swat stupid flies all summer. I still have about 10-12 boards to paint on the damn deck on the upper part and the entire lower part which isn't much and I can do that in the fall to be honest. I will bust a move this week and get those last boards done. This first picture is the tree that shades the whole deck. It is an amazing thing this black walnut tree... and when the end of the summer comes you better be sitting under an umbrella cause it will toss huge black walnuts at your head. And they hurt.
3- I miss paper books. I get everything I read now via ebook and I truly miss a paper book. But I don’t have any more room in my house for a paper book. I have too many books as it is and now I have too many ebook on my Nook. I know it is old school and I have progressed with the times – but I still miss the smell of a real book, the turning of the pages in a real book and the feel of holding it in my hands. But if I had a paper book I might never finish even one… I can read my ebook on my phone, Nook, iPad and laptop anywhere at anytime. I can’t carry a paper book with me everywhere so I can get a chapter in if I have some downtime at the Doctors office.  Sometimes technology sucks.
4- Next year I will have a pool. Period. With my deck extended and around it.

OMG – I just realized I will have to paint that damn thing too. 

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