Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Joy Suckers, Debbie Downers and the Reaping

You reap what you sow. If we all thought about that it could apply to every single aspect of our lives. You get out of something what you put into it.

If you have no friends… you must not be friendly
If you have no money… you must not be smart with the money you have
If you are not happy… you must not be doing what makes you happy

Whatever you put into something will directly reflect what you get out of it. I had this epiphany early this morning and it was quite the revelation for me. I put a lot of effort and love into my family and I can see the results of that effort. I must put the same positive effort into everything I do so I can live life to its fullest potential.

OK – now that I have realized the reaping and sowing thing, how does one combat the joy suckers and Debbie Downers of the world. Because those people with their black clouds and negative energy will suck you in so fast you won’t even see it coming.
Quote of the day…
Actually this is a combination quote… two that fit together well.
“The worst person to be around is the one who complains about everything and accomplishes nothing. You are the only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with. So be brave enough to let go of those weighing you down.”

I have found that my personal happiness will radiate to those around me. That includes my husband and children… even the dog. So my internal battle with being positive has been ongoing for many, many years. I fight the dark clouds and the glasses that are half empty from the time my feet hit the floor every morning to the time I lay my head down at night.  Making a conscious effort to see the good in any and everything is not easy.Training yourself to stay positive in a negative world takes patience and time, if you feel yourself slipping into cranky-ness… take a deep breath and SNAP OUT OF IT!! 

There are people in everyone’s life that can be Debbie Downers or “joy suckers” as I like to call them. In order to keep from being infected with their general negativity you will have to distance yourself from them. But for your own emotional health it is best to regulate your exposure to the negative influences until you can hold your own against the onslaught and turn the tables and influence them with your being positive. Stop giving others the power to control your smile, your attitude and your worth!

You have to be your own champion of personal peace, happiness and tranquility. If you aren’t … who will be?  Your negative friends would love to add another to their group of black cloud worshipers. Nope… not me. I have three people (husband and two kids) that depend on peace and happiness at home and that means I have to make it a part of my every day existence. 

And once again… let me reiterate, you reap what you sow. Do whatever it takes… daily quotes, devotions, posts by others, meditation, exercise or even a few minutes of quiet time get focused on the day. Find the good at the beginning of the day and it will carry you through the roughest of patches. Keep the joy suckers at bay and when you can, pull them into your sunshine.

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