Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Snap Bean Crazies... Gotta Love Them!

I love the people in my life that are completely bat shit, bonkers, snap bean crazy as hell. They are so entertaining. They also should be heavily medicated in most cases. And don’t think for a minute that I don’t occasionally include myself in this precious group of folks. We all could sit around a campfire and roast all the losers on this earth that make us who we are. Because it isn’t us… it’s them. Really… IT ISN’T US… IT IS THEM!

I could write a book (oh wait… I am writing a book) about all the things that make us want to take a flying leap off the deep end or stand on the edge and kick the idiots of the world who drive us nuts, right off that same edge, into the dark abyss never to return.

I used to make my friend return things for me at the mall (you know who you are) … (Melanie) because she had that LOOK. That “don’t mess with me” look that everyone was intimidated by and the return was expedited in a timely manner. Otherwise they were idiots and God help them. I just sat back as an observer because I think it was therapy for her when she had to deal with a customer service challenged person in the return department. They learned a lot if nothing else. She was able to unleash her wrath on them rid herself of all her pent up hostility and walk away with a smile. The poor person in the return department was left seriously questioning their career choice and pondering what the hell just happened. It was fabulous.

I don’t have that look. Although I think I am slowly developing some semblance of an intimidating glare. My husband says I have crazy claws like wolverine… and the look that goes with it. He does a great imitation of them coming out, complete with the “swoosh” sound. Maybe to him I do… and I don’t think that is such a bad thing!

I think we all have a “crazy line”, like a line in the sand. We can either stay in control and stay on the safe side of that line or we can just hopscotch over it and play with all our looney friends. It’s much more fun on the looney side… just saying. If only everyone else in the world would just leave us alone.
So, my friends, appreciate the crazy people in your life. As long as they are not a danger to themselves or others (and I mean bodily assault like danger) enjoy them for all the aspects of their craziness. As long as they are entertaining they are worth keeping. Laughter is the best medicine and crazy laced looney laughter is even better!

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