Monday, August 18, 2014

All Souls Trilogy Review

Ok – much like several other trendy trilogies I read the first two. I thought they were wonderful. I couldn't wait for the third and last one to be released.

And then …. DAMN.
It started off pretty good and then it got a little wacky. Its almost like these authors are struggling to complete the series and really get way out there. Reaching for words and plots to finish their contractual obligation to the publisher.

Just suffice it to say I really enjoyed this third and final installment, until…. Our heroine finally comes full of her own power- and tree branches start growing out of her head. I could easily imagine everything else in this witch/vampire story. But the literal idea that she IS the tree of life, the living book of life, with branches sprouting from her head and her hair getting all tangled up in them was reaching a bit too much for me. I couldn't enjoy the final few chapters for trying to imagine how she looked – like a beautiful Medusa with branches instead of snakes? Nope. That one little part sent all my enjoyment spiraling out of control downhill. I love this heroine... but by the end of this installment I was more fond of all  the other characters.  I wish she would have done more with the ghosts of Emily and Phillip. I thought by the end of the last book she had made Diana so powerful that if you try to imagine "what next" for this woman you can't see her fitting in anywhere or with anyone. She would be so distinctly alone and isolated later in life. I actually felt sorry for her for being so much more powerful than anyone she loves that it will doom her very existence. 

Note to authors… its ok to be imaginative but don’t make it so unappealing that your reader loses their love for your character. 

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