Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson is a Mess and I am confused... But I Do Know a Few Things...

I like Matt Walsh... sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't agree with what he writes but it is always an interesting read.

Today he addresses the mess in Ferguson. The shooting of an unarmed young black man by a police officer.
His point in this article is to confuse the reader with various reports by the media... and point out the fact that we don't know all the facts and opinions are just that. I admit that I have not read up on this incident much because the media is biased, FOX news will say one thing, CNN another and MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS something totally different. If you read too much about this mess you will be confused too. Did  the officer use excessive force?  Forensics and science will prove some things as truth. And that is where we need to start when trying unravel what happened.

What I do know is that a young man is dead. 
A mother has lost and has to bury her child.
A lot of people are reacting in violent and irrational way which will only lead to someone else getting hurt.

Why the violence and looting? Those businesses didn't have a thing to do with what happened to that boy. The people that own those businesses have families to support... does hurting them help the situation? Is all this violence justified? If you are angry ... channel your anger, direct it to the parties responsible for the mess. Exercise your God given rights as a citizen of Ferguson and change the laws. Change the procedures that law enforcement has to follow when confronted with a similar situation. And by all means, PROTEST, peacefully.

Eventually all the facts and truths will come out. Opinions are just that and everyone has one.
If it is proven that the officer used excessive force make him accountable for his actions. I have no problem throwing him in front of a judge, jury and warden.
Don't create a bigger problem by  looting, stealing and vandalizing in the name of justice.
Someone will get hurt and that doesn't fix the problem.


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