Friday, August 15, 2014

The Swinging Pendulum - Update


I cannot believe the reactions people are having to the death of Robin Williams.Now we find out that the poor guy was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, and my heart breaks just a little more for him.

I truly feel everyone is shocked and upset over losing such a talented man that made us all laugh. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Our job is to respect that person’s opinion, whether we counter it with our own is our choice. But the violent and hateful responses some bloggers are getting is a bit too much for me. Fortunately, I have not received the “go kill yourself” or various other profanity laced reactions that other bloggers have received.

No matter how you look at it, the whole event is a terrible tragedy. No matter your religion, and whether or not you believe that someone who commits suicide is going straight to hell, it is still a terrible tragedy. Furthermore, can you imagine the state of mind of those that are raised to believe that very thing, and still decide that death and spending eternity in the fiery pit of hell is a better alternative than living? I can’t even begin to understand that dark place where there is no hope or light. But I know there are people that have been there and somehow came out on the other side. The problem is knowing which ones can’t find their way back. How do we distinguish them from the ones that can? How do you know?
We don’t know. We never know what is inside someone’s head and we never know what is going to be the tipping point for them. The point of all consuming pain and despair that they hide so well. We never know until it is too late.

Mental illness is serious. It is not an excuse for bad behavior and laziness or a crutch for those that are simply unwilling to try. It is a daily struggle for many. They have managed to create a mask for the world but when they are alone they face themselves and their demons, and it gets harder and harder to fight them. I pray for those people and hope they can find the help they need. That they aren't afraid to ask for that help, and that help is readily given and just as readily accepted.

So here is to looking toward the light, seeing the glass as half full and finding the hope to carry on one more day. 

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