Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Things I Laughed About (and I did the snort laugh) the Month of July

1 – My husband, pop, and children have discovered the paddle board. These are not people with the best balance, with the exception of my husband, so watching them get to a standing position on that thing was hilarious… and I was ready and waiting with a camera. It is all documented.
2 – I had my first deep tissue massage in many years. Needless to say he found my sciatic nerve and tap danced on it. He said “I apologize if I am a bit heavy handed” to which I responded “well I apologize in advance for the acute onset of turrets syndrome I will have the next time you find that nerve…it’s nothing personal" and then I started screaming and cussing....followed by the snort laugh.
3 – The John Edward event that Pop and I attended. We sat there the entire time listening for anything that might apply to us… and just when we were about to give up, 15 minutes before the whole thing was over, BINGO… he called me out on the one thing that would apply to me out of 250 people. Of course… my mother “queenie” a last minute Lucy that will get the last word and then make the poor guy run over his session 15 minutes.This gave me a decent chuckle.
4 – Taking our kids on a great adventure to West Virginia for the New Orleans Saints training camp. Our 5 year old thought it was his duty every time we walked into our hotel room to test the beds by jumping back and forth hollering “look  mama… I can fly”
5 – Our eternally untrainable dog… we let her out the back door so she can go to her little yard and play on the deck. She doesn’t go to her little yard… she thinks my deck is her little yard and every day I am washing the damn thing because she has done all her business on my newly painted deck. I have to laugh about this because she is stupid and if I don’t find some small fragment of humor in it she will be a yard dog… soon.
6 – The episode of Seinfeld where Kramer buys a pair of blue jeans. Skinny jeans to be more specific. If you haven’t seen it, you need to .. but make sure your bladder is empty first I had to watch it twice because I was laughing so hard my eyes were shut. It is terribly hard to laugh that hard and still see.
7 – Tom & Jerry. Saturday Evening Puss episode from 1950. My son loves old Tom and Jerry. This particular episode is like giving him a 5lb bag of sugar. I can’t show it to him at night because he gets so jacked up, running and jumping around he can’t go to bed. So I let him watch it first thing in the morning… and then send him off to preschool.
8 – When we were at training camp I was standing right there when Coach Payton was holding a West Virginia License plate that said “who dat” he said “someone tweet me this”. I have had a twitter account for a couple of years but don’t use it. So I signed on and looked at his twitter and no one had sent it to him. So I did. Now, Mind you I don’t really know how to use twitter, so when I tagged him and sent it my phone started going bezerk. I was at work and the damn thing almost vibrated of my desk. I had to catch it only to turn it off. I thought the battery was going dead because it was buzzing constantly. 200+ retweets later I hope he finally saw the damn thing. I don’t think twitter is going to be my thing
9 – My Zumba DVD’s and weights are still in the box, still in the dining room. Going on month 3 now. Just imagining myself in my living room trying to be coordinated makes me laugh. 
10 – This summer has been a grueling and exhausting adventure. Although it has been non stop, it has been fun and we are so tired we can’t even complain about… all we can do is laugh. We have had such a good time and have made so many great memories. We are very blessed and very happy…but very tired…HA HA .

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