Monday, September 29, 2014

The Good The Bad and The Full Moon

The month of September has been all over the place for me. Highs and lows and everywhere in between.

1-    My son officially started kindergarten and we were done with the stupid staggered entry process, which is I think more to get the teachers acclimated than the children. He has done well so far. They are on the Green, Yellow & Red stoplight behavior chart and if you are super good you are given Blue. He has only seen two blue days. The rest of the month was equally green and yellow. I love it that he is so honest when you ask him what color he was on. I ask him and he says “yellow” and when I ask why he says “playing in the hallway”.  If you read my previous post about his kindergarten assessment and the toy issue we had you can appreciate this… every morning he will put a toy car or something in his backpack. I think he is doing it mainly because he was told he can’t, or could it possibly be like a security blanket ? Not sure yet. Defiant? Yes. Breaking the rules? Yes. He does know he can’t take it out of his bag till he is on the bus or at after school care. I think we will both get on red for this eventually.
2-   My daughter is playing middle school volleyball. She is now in the 8th grade (the seniors of middle school) and her coach told her she had to be a leader. I think she translated this as being the boss. Which, by the way, comes natural to her. I went to see her play and I was so proud, because she was so good! A trait she did not get from me.
3-   I finally finished my wreaths for my front porch. It only took me 3 ½ weeks to squeeze a wee bit of creative craftiness out of myself.
4-   I mostly cleaned out the dining room/ dumping ground. We can now sit at the table and do homework but the bench is broken so I only have 4 chairs, two of which I am scared to sit on.
5-   Our million dollar washing machine was getting hung on drain/spin/rinse. So I go online and try to figure out the problem. Apparently there is a trap thing under there that all the water goes through when draining. They don’t tell you that in the Maytag manual… you have to go online and figure the shit out yourself. 2 hours later , many gallons of water all over the laundry room floor and we find the trap thing is clogged with two socks, a few marbles, a Popsicle stick and three shoe strings.  Works like a charm now…
6-   My Alpha cat died. He was hit by a car driven by some loser that was probably texting and not looking at the road. OJ was the king of the beasts… the ghost in the darkness… alpha orange kitty who ruled all dogs with an iron paw and whose wallet said “Bad MF”. Now I have no mouser… I have to go find two cats to keep the damn pied piper from taking up residence in my house this fall/winter.
7-   I took my daughter for some much needed mommy/daughter one on one time. She wanted to go shopping… I hate shopping. But I went anyway. Almost $500 lighter in my bank account  I now know why… and the only thing I bought for myself was a $20 desk fan. But I really needed everything I bought… really. Target is what did me in. Damn that place.
8-   The dog has stopped pooping on my deck. I still have to hose it down all the time because she hasn’t stopped peeing on it. I plan on moving my deck furniture to the front porch so I can sit out there when the weather is nice and I don’t have to bring in the cushions. I had two throw pillows that are now her chew toys. I don’t want them anymore. If you could see what she did to them you would understand.
9-   My husband likes to sing in the kitchen on Sundays when he is creating his culinary masterpieces. He also likes to substitute words of a song with my maiden name, which is what he calls me most of the time. So, he is having a large time singing and then he will throw in “my Maroon” for whatever term of endearment is in the lyrics. I just shake my head… I can’t do anything with him.
10- My son mooned the entire after school care class on the playground this past Friday. I am so glad my husband picked him up!!! To his credit he acted totally surprised that our son would do such a thing but then he made the incriminating mistake of adding “at least he yelled FULL MOON before he did it” That was a dead giveaway of where the 5 year old got it from. 

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