Monday, September 15, 2014

Things I Cried Over or Almost Cried Over in the Last 30 Days

1-    I would have to say at the top of the list has to be taking my baby to kindergarten.
2-    Walking out of kindergarten and down the hall away from him wondering if he was going to get on the right bus and get to his afterschool care or would these people lose my child.
3-    Him telling me on his third day that he was going to walk by himself and its ok mommy.
4-    I have worn my hair in a pony tail for almost two weeks because with all the starting of two schools for two kids I don’t have the time to go get my hair done. I look like some hobo two tone trash but… I can put it in a ponytail again (small smile)
5-    I haven’t had time to write. Literally I have not written a thing since the whole kindergarten growling incident.
6-    The fact that I didn’t have my mother here to help me see the humor in everything was upsetting. Having to literally talk to my self as if she was talking to me to help me get a laugh out of the whole situation was ultimately sad.
7-    Some inconsiderate asshole who wasn’t watching where they were going hit and killed our beloved OJ Kitty. People drive too fast on the road we live and I am sure they didn’t even bother to slow down because of an animal close to the road… hit the poor thing and keep going. I probably know who did it and honestly, it is best if I don’t find out. Whenever I see an animal I slow down… even if they are walking along side of the road but some people don’t care… and will hit and kill an animal and keep going like they hit a pothole. I hope they all rot.
8-    It rained about 5 inches in one day this week… and of course I left my deck furniture cushions out so they are DRENCHED…. STILL… I don’t think they will ever dry out so I can sit out there before spring…. That is how wet they are.
9-    After a bit of research and some Ph strips I have figured out that I am considerably acidic. Great. From what I read I may as well go outside and start eating grass and dirt to become more alkaline. Apparently acidic is bad… alkaline is good.
10-  And last but not least… there are 12 boards on my deck that still have to be painted. And when the grass is wet the dog seems to think she is too good to get her feet wet and go to the bathroom in the yard… so she does her business on my deck… that I then have to scrub -  because she is stupid.

Somewhere between a growling 5 year old and a stupid dog I did manage to find some humor in all things listed with the exception of #7. RIP OJ… you were one bad ass kitty. 

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