Friday, September 26, 2014

Throwing Some Horns... It's Genetic

For those of you that know me, you know my husband was, is and will always be a rock star. He still looks and acts like a rock star.

OK , here is the funny part of this story. Wednesday nights at church are for adult bible study and the youth program. The youth are doing all kinds of activities including some of their own bible study. My son, who has just gotten used to being called a kindergartener, has had to transition to an older class that he was resisting because he really liked all the toys in the nursery. He  resisted last week but this week he did fine, accepted that he is a big boy now and went with his new Wednesday night teacher. (yay for me) 

My husband, the rock star, usually works later on Wednesday nights so I am mostly solo when going to church. I hate he missed last night. He grew up in this church, went to school with most people there our age so they KNOW… he is the resident & local head banger. At the end of the night each little class can get up on the stage and tell the audience what they learned that night. And it was time for my son to go up. He got on stage and did his ironman pose and then proceeded to throw some Rock and Roll horns in the air for everyone. He then laid on the floor and did some kind of worm thing down the steps and across the floor. Stood up, threw thel horns again as if to say “Thank you ! Good night!”

I had to wrestle him the rest of the time because he didn’t understand that his moment was over and it was someone else’s turn. Thank God everyone knows the boy’s daddy and not a single person was offended or surprised at what my child did in the sanctuary. Nor were they surprised that my husband’s son wanted to get back on the stage.

So , for now, we have managed to avoid the prayer list and entertain everyone all at the same time.

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