Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is Looking Better than September

With the exception of the usual interaction with stupidity I have to endure on a daily basis, if October 1st is any indication of what I can expect, things are looking better than the entire month of September combined.

First of all, I did the little happy dance this morning because I was able to get my wedding rings back on my water retaining fat fingers. They are on… and my finger isn’t red like it is going to fall off from cutting off the circulation. Happy Happy Happy. That is supposed to be my thin hand too.  I have moved my mother’s rings that I had been wearing because they were slightly bigger over to what should be my fat hand.

Next, the boy went to kindergarten this morning in blue jeans. I did give him a t-shirt so he didn’t overheat since it is supposed to be 80 today. He was happy, so everyone was happy. No rules broken this morning. (Rule #1 is always… don’t piss off the baby).

Arrived at work 5 minutes early. Not so much a miracle as it used to be before I started  kindergarten carpool at 745AM. But still.. Ill take it. 
The husband and I have discussed the need for not only one honorable replacement for OJ the Alpha Kitty, but two. Fortunately for me, where I work there are 3 warehouses and we always have stray cats. Most are feral and crazy wild but there is one kitty that the warehouse boys have been working on taming. This is going to be a beautiful long haired gray cat and she or he is going to my house today. Now I need one more…. 

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