Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Servings of Fruits and Veggies

My husband and I must be on the same page. Tired of feeling like crap and run down 90% of the time and desperately looking for an answer and willing to try anything. We have tried the medicinal route and now that we have wasted months on that and it isnt working we are both looking to natural remedies.

So last night we are all in the living room when he decides to make the profound announcement that, beginning immediately we were all – adults and children – going to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Well, I knew this was coming. But to see the look on my 14 year old daughters face was priceless.

He and I both had the same discussion this past Friday when I arrived at the beach. It started with him heating up a can of corn on the stove to go with his fried chicken.
I don’t know how the conversation started but here is the best part:

Me – I think I am allergic to something in the McDonalds milkshake. As soon as I drank it my throat clogged up, snot production in overdrive, drainage was terrible and I coughed trying to clear it for about 20 minutes.
Him – McDonalds sucks, I cant believe you actually went there. Besides it stinks and I bet the inside of that new car will smell like a McDonalds fryer next week.
Me – no .. I left the windows down to air out the grease. I haven’t eaten there in about 6 months, it was raining and I was trying to get on the highway to get here.
Him – you feel like crap all the time… and half of it is what you eat. You should eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day…. 5 SERVINGS… ONE (finger)…TWO (fingers) …THREE (fingers) …FOUR (fingers)…FIVE (talking to the hand now) .
Me – yes I know. And you are right.
Him – I know I am right… I eat  5 SERVINGS every day. 3 of fruit and 2 of veggies.
Like that corn I just ate… I ate the whole can all by myself… and I loved it.
Me- you loved it because it wasn’t a fruit or vegetable… corn is a starch.
Him – WHAT?? No… it grows from the dirt and I can walk across the street and get some out of the field. Not a starch.
Me – yes – starch. Potatoes are a starch, Corn is a starch, tomatoes are a fruit, Celery doesn’t even count because it is 90% water, I could go on…
Him – no… and if you want to get technical smarty pants… for that matter everything converts to sugar or energy. I read that in a magazine while I was at Duke.
Me – Don’t they make a pill that will count as a serving of fruit or vegetables? I could do that much easier. I could pop 5 of those suckers a day easy!

I will give him credit, he does eat at least three fruits a day and I am sure he throws another 2 vegetables in there somewhere. He is diligent and religious about it. Just like he is about going to the gym. And over the years I can see the difference in his health and physique.
So we are starting with baby steps, the fruits and veggies we like. Apples, bananas, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, & green beans.

Of course I think my Bolthouse Farms peach parfait breakfast smoothie should count for at least one serving of something!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breaking the Cycle

My motto for 2015 is “Break the Cycle”

Now that I am in the middle – or what I hope is the middle- of my life I can look back on everything I know and learn.  I am at the point in my life that I know what works and what doesn't.  I know the things I want around me and the things I should let go of … and some things I probably should have let go of long ago.   

I started breaking the biggest cycle in my family history years ago when I fell in love with my husband. He is nothing like any man the women in my family have married. I saw past the surface and it was plain to me he was one in a million. A man that values honesty, loyalty and commitment. And that applies to everything he does. I was not wrong. If my daughter models the man in her life by her daddy she will be just fine in this world.

I am also beginning to break the bigger cycle in my life. Unhealthy food and beverage choices… it has lead to extra pounds and feeling sluggish and lazy 75% of the time. Although I could easily turn into my mother and sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and a book, I can’t allow myself to do that… at least not yet. So, after my rant about my headaches and sinuses yesterday I thought ok… lets see what we can naturally do about this. So I am starting with herbal teas. I went to and ordered myself an assortment of different teas for different times of day or week, to work on everything that is wrong with me. I also ordered a “to go” tea infuser, disposable tea bags and a bag squeezer. I like tea. So if I replace pepsi with tea that is a good thing right??? I am sure there would be days I could and would scratch someone’s face off for a cold pepsi but I am hoping to limit that to only once or twice a week.
Baby steps… 
I have a full time job and two kids, my husband has a full time and a half job. Meals are a problem. Who has the time to do a nourishing meal when you don’t even walk in the door till 6PM? I would do the slow cooker thing but I also live in a 100 year old house that would go up in a flash should something electrically go sideways. My son is on a cereal kick. Cereal or PB&J both with a side of block cheese (sliced in rectangles) and crackers.  My daughter won’t eat cereal. What to do with her??? I have no clue. That will be my next step… something good, easy, tasty and hot for dinner at least 3 times a week. That is going to be a hard cycle to break.

And finally let me say that it is the little things that I can change that will add up to the big changes we see in ourselves later. Someone asked me today how I lost 17 pounds. My reply was “ well, I had pneumonia and bronchitis, changed birth control to something that makes me nauseated 50% of the time, and I have still not managed to shake the super bug that has nested in my sinuses therefore creating an overload of sinus drainage only adding to my birth control nausea” …. “want some”?

I wish I had a fabulous answer for her… I am working on it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Rain, Sinuses, Rain, Headaches and Some More Rain

It is that time of year again.

Yes… the dreaded yearly physical. Thank GOD I have a wonderful doctor that will listen to me whine about what ails me. I want her to do something about these horrible headaches.  I have noticed that the precursor to the migraine is a nagging headache with about a 99.9 temp. Not really a full blown fever but when I am normally about a 97.5 a two degree increase in body temperature is enough to give me a headache… a nagging one that advil won’t touch.  I know the problem… I have somehow contracted a super bug that my body has been trying to fight for about 45 days now.
Sinus drainage and the overproduction of snot is enough to make me nauseated on a daily basis. I have been tested for allergies and my ENT told me that I have sensitive turbinates in my head. They are sensitive to barometric pressure and when the rain moves in I will feel like crap. I have tried just about everything, including the neti  pot so don’t even mention that damn thing to me… I tried it about a year ago and almost drowned in the bathroom. I am ready to meet my maker but not right now and certainly not by accidental drowning by neti pot.

My question is this…. WHY HASN'T SOMEONE INVENTED A PILL OR A SPRAY TO FIX THIS??!?!?!?! I think an extended amount of sunshine would cure everything wrong with me.

I know I have bitched about this already but damn… it has rained for a solid two months and I feel like it will never end. My house that is so pretty to me in the spring, summer and fall, in the winter it looks abandoned and dead. It is so incredibly depressing just to pull in my driveway and see nothing green or remotely alive other than the cat and even he is whining all the time. He stands at the door and meows, he follows you around meowing, he follows you back to the house meowing. He must have a headache too. 

On the bright side I enjoyed some beautiful sunshine at the beach this past weekend.
I am thinking that is the only place the damn sun shines… Maybe I need to take some FMLA time and do some sunshine mental health therapy there. Of course I will come back home and it will be raining…. Again. I could even deal with the rain if everything was GREEN and alive.
This is what it looks like at my house - 
Henry W. Longfellow write “ The best thing we can do when it is raining is to let it rain.”.

He doesn't live at my house. Even he would beg for spring.