Monday, February 2, 2015

Rain, Sinuses, Rain, Headaches and Some More Rain

It is that time of year again.

Yes… the dreaded yearly physical. Thank GOD I have a wonderful doctor that will listen to me whine about what ails me. I want her to do something about these horrible headaches.  I have noticed that the precursor to the migraine is a nagging headache with about a 99.9 temp. Not really a full blown fever but when I am normally about a 97.5 a two degree increase in body temperature is enough to give me a headache… a nagging one that advil won’t touch.  I know the problem… I have somehow contracted a super bug that my body has been trying to fight for about 45 days now.
Sinus drainage and the overproduction of snot is enough to make me nauseated on a daily basis. I have been tested for allergies and my ENT told me that I have sensitive turbinates in my head. They are sensitive to barometric pressure and when the rain moves in I will feel like crap. I have tried just about everything, including the neti  pot so don’t even mention that damn thing to me… I tried it about a year ago and almost drowned in the bathroom. I am ready to meet my maker but not right now and certainly not by accidental drowning by neti pot.

My question is this…. WHY HASN'T SOMEONE INVENTED A PILL OR A SPRAY TO FIX THIS??!?!?!?! I think an extended amount of sunshine would cure everything wrong with me.

I know I have bitched about this already but damn… it has rained for a solid two months and I feel like it will never end. My house that is so pretty to me in the spring, summer and fall, in the winter it looks abandoned and dead. It is so incredibly depressing just to pull in my driveway and see nothing green or remotely alive other than the cat and even he is whining all the time. He stands at the door and meows, he follows you around meowing, he follows you back to the house meowing. He must have a headache too. 

On the bright side I enjoyed some beautiful sunshine at the beach this past weekend.
I am thinking that is the only place the damn sun shines… Maybe I need to take some FMLA time and do some sunshine mental health therapy there. Of course I will come back home and it will be raining…. Again. I could even deal with the rain if everything was GREEN and alive.
This is what it looks like at my house - 
Henry W. Longfellow write “ The best thing we can do when it is raining is to let it rain.”.

He doesn't live at my house. Even he would beg for spring.  

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