Friday, April 24, 2015

I am Stuck in an Episode of Seinfeld

As I was putting on my makeup this morning I realized that this week could have been a fabulous episode of Seinfeld. And I am Elaine. Just remember… Elaine worked for
J. Peterman … her job was a writer and she was responsible for the descriptions of items in the J. Peterman catalog.  

So then, picture this… I am not writing a catalog, I am writing a menu.  This isn’t my trip down the menu  highway. I have had to design and put together three different restaurants ever changing menus.  I would much rather have to write vivid descriptions of hiking boots than 7 different steaks. 

But I sat there in my “menu meeting” reading the old and trying to come up with the new and noticed there were two rib-eyes on the menu. One was a “bone-in” rib eye and the other was obviously no bone. Here I am in a room with 2 other men… and I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask this question… and then explain why I am asking it…

Why am I paying $6 more for a
“bone in” rib eye
as opposed to the alternative without the bone? What the hell am I supposed to do with a $6 bone?  Both men looked at me like I had just sprouted another head. Confused, bewildered, speechless is what they were. And finally one says… “are you kidding me??”

Well, no, genius… I am not kidding you… why would I spend $6 more dollars for a bone I am not going to eat… if I ate here once a week for an entire year and put that $6 in my pocket I could have a new DOONEY after a year… and I never kid about my Dooneys.

And here is the MAN answer… The bone is for the flavor… more flavor with the bone.
Well I am already getting the most flavorful steak on the menu, I am not concerned with a bone. And what are all you Neanderthals going to do … sit around and gnaw your bone in a fine restaurant??

So I get home and ask my husband the very same question… I get the astonished look and the MAN answer… the bone is for the flavor.

They missed the whole point of my question …my point was… if you offer a bone in rib eye … at 18 ounces.. don’t offer the same size without the bone. Offer a smaller size without the bone or you will get the stupid question .

Every man missed that point… they thought I didn’t know what the bone was for... Lawd Help ME!

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