Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Names Have Been Omitted to Protect the Guilty

I have to stop for a moment and acknowledge something that made me feel pretty good yesterday.
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook:
After going over the list several times… and I mean several times because I thought I was not adding correctly which would not be a surprise… I only came up with a total of $120.
So I went over it one last time just to be sure… yep… $120.
Before I posted my total I looked at all the responses of the people I went to high school with and thought I needed to go back and take one last look at the list and get my calculator out to make sure I got mine right. Yep… $120.

So, I posted my total. And of course everyone responded that I was full of it and they were calling bullshit.  Nope… $120 my friends… and HA! The things I was notorious for just happened to not be on that list. If they had then you all would have looked like a bunch of saints. I mean seriously… if things like dancing on a bar, crawling across a gravel parking lot to get to a pay phone and NOT tearing my hose, double booking dates, double booking boyfriends, cutting school and getting away with it, sneaking out of the house and rolling your car down the driveway in neutral before you started it, staying out all night and sneaking back in the house had been on that list I would never be able to pay that total!

So the way I see it … My total for this list may have been low… but I had a GOOD TIME!!!!
I was a lover –not a fighter :)
(even though it appears all my friends were a bunch of criminals! HA HA HA)
I am pleasantly surprised at some of the people that had a bigger total than me!

Just for good measure I added it up again... with a calculator... $120 . 

Love y’all anyway! 

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