Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Piss, Moan and Complain

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Maybe that is why I am having difficulty writing lately. I have nothing nice to say… about anything. I feel guilty boring everyone with my rants and bitching about this and that. So I don’t write at all. Not a good plan.

It is very easy to sit here in front of my computer and just piss, moan, bitch and complain about anything and everything. It takes too much effort to write something upbeat, encouraging and optimistic. And I don’t have a whole lot of energy to spare anyway.

But here is the kicker… my marriage, home life, children, friends and work are all fine.  Suffice it to say I am a little cranky about things here and there but overall I have nothing to complain about. So why is the glass half empty?
Are my Chakras out of wack?
Do I need to do some kind of cleanse to rid myself of the obvious toxins I am holding inside? 
Do I have a vitamin deficiency?  Do I need medication ?

The media doesn’t help. I hate election time and now the crap slinging starts earlier and earlier… as far as I am concerned we just need to vote for the lesser of all evils and pray for the best. From what I see it is a no win situation and we are in the crapper no matter who gets elected. It would take more than 4 years to undo anything from a previous president… regardless of affiliation. SO what can be done??? The choices so far suck. All the reality show drama worshipers are on the Trump wagon for that very reason – drama. No thanks. Hilary? Hell no, trust issues. Still unsure about the others.

And then there is this stink about the Clerk of Court in Rowan County Kentucky. If she feels that strong then she should have asked to be transferred to another same level job. I don’t care what the law is… the law is the law and she is an elected official entrusted by the people of that county to follow the law. For example… if you go to CVS and buy a bottle of wine, and the girl checking you out has a head scarf on (she is probably muslim) she will get someone else to check you out because you are buying wine and it is against her religious beliefs. I have NO problem with that. Don’t deny me my right to purchase the wine just because it is against your religion. Someone else walks up and completes the transaction… everyone is happy. She didn’t compromise her beliefs (which I would not want her to do) and I got my wine (which is most important) . Same thing in Kentucky. Let someone else’s name be on the marriage licenses. Why does it have to be hers? What I am trying to say, without getting too cranky, is that there is always a compromise that can be made and everyone is happy. Besides… she looks like a nun I used to have as a 4th grade teacher and I bet close up she has a mustache… like Sister Daniel.  And she would just as soon beat the hell out of you with her giant bible, probably misquoting scripture the entire time, and then sit on her saintly throne and pass judgment on everyone. Aren't we supposed to love not judge??? I mean ... (if it is a sin)... in the grand scheme of sinning... where does it rank? Is being gay right up there with being Charles Manson or Ted Bundy? I wouldn't think so.
I am a libra… a peacemaker… why can’t everyone just get along? I promise to do what I can to start writing about unicorns, care bears, rainbows and sunshine. But apparently not today… maybe tomorrow…

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