Monday, February 1, 2016

Hot Mess vs. Hot Garbage

There is a difference you know.
Being a hot mess is totally different than being hot garbage. At least a hot mess can be improved upon whereas hot garbage is just that… dressed up garbage.

For example: The Kardashians are hot garbage. No doubt about it. And 75% of the time it has nothing to do with how they look. It is the whole package. The trailer park drama and the BS factor make them dumpster worthy. No amount of makeup, lip fillers, waist training or money will change the fact that they are attention starved fame gamers. It has made them rich, drove them all crazy and God love her, the sanest one of the bunch who was once a man has decided he would rather be a woman.  Hot Garbage… can’t fix it.

 Now, a hot mess, I think maybe the best example of a hot mess I can think of is possibly Paris Hilton. Now you know that girl was raised better than she has acted in the past. She has had the best of everything but consistently acted spoiled and entitled. Because she is a hot mess she has outgrown her wild childishness and now acts like she has some sense. A hot mess can always be rehabilitated…. Hot garbage can only be hauled to the dump.

So, the moral to the story is: if you must be one … be the hot mess… you can always just say you were young and dumb. You can look back on your time as a hot mess and laugh, joke and smile. If you choose to be hot garbage you can look back and do the same but more than likely you will be sitting on top of the trash pile at the local landfill while doing so.

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