Thursday, July 14, 2016

Entry Prompts for the Blocked Writers (301-400)

301- Do you owe anyone money? Do you lend people money?
302- What is your own favorite physical feature? Why?
303- What was the worst thing you ate today?
304- I hope no one was looking when I _______________.
305- How many miles did you drive/ride today?
306- Who was the first person you saw today?
307- What’s your biggest phobia?
308- What was your first full thought this morning?
309- How full is your fridge? Healthy things?
310- What was the last healthy thing you did for yourself?
311- What did you have to wait for today?
312- What did you win?
313- Who had the biggest influence on your day?
314- What can you learn from today?
315- What was the highest point of your day today?
316- Did you pay it forward?
317- What would you like to learn more about?
318- What new TV show do you refuse to watch?
319- What decision do you wish you didn’t have to make?
320- What are you questioning?
321- What was the most recent thing you learned?
322- Where would you like to go?
323- The last doctor’s appointment you made was because ___________.
324- Name 3 things you should have done today.
325- What is the last thing you felt guilty about?
326- My life would be easier if __________________.
327- When is the last time you intentionally ‘wasted’ a day?
328- What is your favorite gadget?
329- The computer I use the most is _______________________.
330- How did you spend your free time today?
331- Were you stressed today? Why?
332- What was the last thing you said to another person?
333- Who threw the last party you went to?
334- What went perfectly about your day?
335- How old do you feel?
336- OMG! __________________.
337- What pressure did you feel today?
338- The last gift I’ve received was ________________.
339- If you could change today would you?
340- I believe ___________________.
341- What do you wish you could have skipped today?
342- Were you in control of your day?
343- What made today worthwhile?
344- Were you a good listener today?
345- I never ______________________.
346- Have you broken the law? How so?
347- Were you bored today?
348- Who is the last person you spent quality time with?
349- Who did you hug today?
350- Describe your day in one word.
351- How are you?
352- Did you do more talking or listening today?
353- What was the last stupid thing you did?
354- What’s the next book you are going to read?
355- What was the mistake?
356- What was the last gift you gave?
357- What is your mission?
358- If others described how you acted today in one word, it would be _________.
359- What is your current bank balance?
360- Describe the last piece of furniture you purchased.
361- Describe the last time you were embarrassed.
362- How did you improve yourself today?
363- How much time did you spend outside today?
364- In one year from today, what word do you hope best describes your life.
365- Who in your life is crazy talented? What is their talent?
366- What do you wish there was more of in the world?
367- My favorite sound is _________________ .
368- What impact do you hope to have on the world?
369- If you made laws, what one would you make today?
370- Describe your last life-changing moment.
371- What opportunity are you waiting for?
372- What is the last movie you saw?
373- What is standing in your way?
374- What was the happiest headline in the news today?
375- What decision are you glad you made?
376- Share some good advice.
377- What occupied your mind today?
378- What was the best conversation you had today?
379- If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be?
380- List 5 things you wish you had with you today.
381- What are the achievements you are most proud of?
382- What gadgets did you use today?
383- What shocked you?
384- What was the last lie you told?
385- What is your favorite cuisine?
386- What do you have too much of?
387- What do you want to tell yourself in one year?
388- What is your greatest strength?
389- Other than your clothes, what was with you the majority of the day?
390- What’s your guilty pleasure?
391- What is bothering you?
392- What inspires you?
393- What impression did you make on others today?
394- What did you give up on today?
395- Name the last three things you used today.
396- What sound do you hate hearing?
397- Do you feel appreciated?
398- My body is ______________________.
399- Today I had too much ________________.
400- What worries you?

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