Monday, July 18, 2016

Entry Prompts for the Blocked Writers (401-500)

Half way through the list!
401- What did you get to do today?
402- Who is your best friend?
403- I really wish _________________.
404- Who is the first person you saw today?
405- What memory do you want to keep from today?
406- What makes you sweat?
407- What do you wish your job was?
408- What relationship did you nurture today?
409- What are you passionate about?
410- I realize tomorrow __________________.
411- Are you holding a grudge?
412- What was weird about your day?
413- How are you expanding your mind?
414- What word are you using too much lately?
415- How was your day today?
416- What was the first thing you saw when you woke up this morning?
417- What are three things you need to do tomorrow?
418- What is the last place you visited online?
419- Today I chose to ________________.
420- Were you a positive or negative person today?
421- Who is the strongest person you know?
422- Who do you wish had been a part of your day?
423- What is one thing you were told today that you don’t want to forget?
424- What was your weakness today?
425- The music genre I listen to the most is ________________.
426- How much did you eat today?
427- What’s worth fighting for?
428- Today I felt ___________________.
429- Did you smile or frown more today?
430- What improvements are you making?
431- What new beginnings are happening right now? What is ending as this begins?
432- What have you come through to get to the place where you are now? What have you ended, overcome or achieved to arrive at this new unfolding in your life?
433- What emotions come up for you as you start something new? Do you see a pattern with new beginnings? Are you happy with the tools you have to deal with these emotions?
434- How do you deal with fear when you’re trying something new?
435- Sometimes new beginnings are energizing and exciting – how do you deal with the drop in energy once things aren’t so new anymore? How would you like to you persevere? When do you re-evaluate your commitment?
436- Are there areas where your kids have grown and are ready for more choice? Are there areas where perhaps we are asking them to choose before they are ready for that responsibility?
437- What does it feel like to make a mistake?
438- We have to make mistakes to grow – when you reflect on your mistakes, how do you forgive        yourself?  Are you able to be grateful for the growth they enabled?
439- Think about a recent mistake that’s bugging you:
          a. What happened?
          b. Why didn’t it work the way you thought?
          c. What could you try next time to get a new outcome?
440- What did you think you would feel like when you were a grown up?  Do you feel like a  grown up now?
441- How have you grown as a parent? Where were you a year ago? 5 years? 10 years?
442- What do your children have to teach you right now?
443- What motivates you to keep growing as a person?
444- What do you need to let go of right now in order to grow?
445- What does it mean to you to “be present”? What does it mean to you to do something “mindfully”? Does it sound good? Or like a chore?
446- Why do you want to be present with your family? What is the hardest thing about being present with the people you love?
447- Who do you know who feels very present when they are with you? What do they do? How do they act that makes them so present?
448- What parts of your life are most distracting?
449- When do you have a hard time letting go and being ‘here’ in the moment? When do you “check out”? What are you checking out behaviors (i.e. I check Facebook, check email too much, etc.)
450- What are some events in your life you feel guilty about not being present for? Are you feeling guilty because you actually wanted to be there, or is this an outside pressure?
451- What will you regret most if you miss it?
452- What is your relationship with media – do you like how you use phones, computers, entertainment?
453- Make a list: What online activities take the most of your time? Which online activities do you enjoy? which ones nurture you? are necessary? and which simply take time away?
454- How do you show you’re listening? Write about what your body language is, your voice, your feelings, when you are focused on your child (or anyone).  Now, what does your body language, voice, etc. look like when you are only half focused?
455- Why did you start blogging?
456- Share your favorite affirmations
457- What is your passion?
458- Share your favorite recipe and why you love it
459- Reflect on an old photo and write about it
460- Choose a quote that inspires you and explore what it means to you
461- Record a video post
462- Share your top wellness tips
463- Write your obituary
464- List 99 things you love
465- Where is your favorite place in the world? It could be your home, a cafe, a city or a place
466- How do you manage stress? Share what’s worked for you and what hasn’t
467- Write about a challenging situation, how you handled it, and what you learnt from it
468- Interview someone – written or video (or both!)
469- Write a post on a trending # hashtag on Twitter
470- Who or what inspires you?
471- What do you do for a living?
472- How does it feel to be the age you currently are?
473- List 10 things that make you happy
474- What is the best advice your parent/s or mentor ever gave you?
475- How do you maintain balance in your life?
476- What does authenticity mean to you?
477- Share your time management tips
478- Write a movie review
479- Do you have a morning ritual? Write about it
480- If you could relive an experience in your life, what would it be?
481- Write a letter to your teenage self
482- Are you addicted to social media? Assess yourself honestly
483- How was your week?
484- Reflect on how much you have changed since 5 years ago
485- What are your top life hacks?
486- Reflect on what you were doing this time last year
487- When are you happiest in your skin?
488- Share your top parenting tips
489- What does travel mean to you?
490- Social media. Do you like it, tolerate it, or hate it. Discuss.
491- What is your earliest childhood memory?
492- List your top 10 favorite bloggers
493- Write a thank you letter to someone
494- Write about the first time you stepped foot in another country
495- Reminisce about your first love
496- Write a review of a book that has made a huge impact on you
497- If you had all of the money in the world, what would you do?
498- What memory do you cherish the most?
499- Grab a newspaper, magazine, or flick to a news site and blog about a topical heading
500- What is your favorite way to spend your weekend?

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