Saturday, January 21, 2017

Post Inauguration Thoughts

I have to take a moment and say how disappointed I am in so many people.
And yes… it is all because of politics.

Over the last 18 months from the beginning of the presidential campaign season to present day, I have refrained as much as possible from posting anything on social media about how I feel about one candidate vs another. And the reason for this is the vicious verbal attacks that I have seen on others who proudly post that they are voting for the now President Trump. I am only 49 years old but I don’t think I have ever seen this country so politically divided to the point of riots and longtime friends parting ways over a political view. It is sad.

While watching the inauguration yesterday, the news kept leaving the joy and celebration of the inauguration and transfer of power to show us the violence a few blocks away. Those people I saw dressed in all black, carrying black flags, armed with backpacks full of bricks, stones and other tools of destruction should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Throw the book at these people. They have no conscience and no morals. Show them the man that is in intensive care clinging to life and ask them what did he ever do to them. It is inexcusable to destroy someone else’s property or physically harm them because you are mad that your candidate didn’t win or your and your buddies are taking advantage of a time when people are at the most vulnerable.

Like I have always said – I am all for the right to peacefully protest and the right to free speech. I love that people can speak their mind, draw attention to a worthy cause that could change the way we think. But I have no tolerance for name calling, vicious verbal attacks on people who are simply proud of something.

For instance, I went to a huge high school and we just had our 30th reunion. It was a wonderful time but since then I have seen my democrat/independent classmates relentlessly and savagely verbally attack those that were republican. I rarely saw it the other way…on a personal level. That is what I am now seeing on national level and it is disturbing. On Election day I could not even look at my social media for it was flooded with horrible things directed at anyone who voted for President Trump. Hashtags after lengthy rants like #notmypresident actually made me cranky. Yesterday and today it has been worse. Instead of a movie title of "Mean Girls" we need one like "Mean Liberals". Words hurt and most times it is not what you are saying it is HOW you are saying it.  

Here it is… This man won the election, he IS your president whether you like him or not, he will be your president for at least 4 years. Furthermore, thank God you live in a country where you have free speech and can assemble in peaceful protest to let him know you disagree with him. He is not a dictator. He cannot pass laws alone. He has to have the support of the House of Representatives and Senate. And then the judicial branch can shoot them all down. Is your liberal disappointment worth alienating people and family you have known all your life? 

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