Monday, January 15, 2018

Long time coming

It has been a long time people.

After my mother passed away I threw myself into my family and work. With the changes in my life, there was little time left for writing and exploring my writing.I have some big career changes and some days I wonder if I will be able to catch up. And that is where I usually am... playing catch up.

The last year was hard. Very hard. And the sad thing is that I couldnt control a single thing. Its a terrible feeling when things happen and you find yourself sinking and it was none of your doing. Nothing you brought on yourself and nothing you can control. And as you are sinking you are watching the rest of the world go about their business... and you can barely breathe.

I am finally feeling the inkling again and hope to write more in the days and weeks to come.
Its almost like I have so much to write, no time to write so I dont write at all.
Poor excuse- I know.

Hell, I hardly can find the time to read! But then again there hasnt been much to read lately. If a book doesnt grab me in the first 100 pages I put it down. Not going to waste my time. There have been many books put down lately.

So... this is my first post in 6 months - seems like so much longer.
I will start to do this much more often.

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